Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series

Hybrid Flash for Block, File and Mainframe

Businesses are under increasing pressure to stay relevant and succeed. To maintain customer interest and maximize revenue, businesses must transform their operations to be more efficient and deliver information faster. At the same time, it is critical that the infrastructure delivers enterprise reliability and operational simplicity. Hybrid flash arrays (HFAs) can help, delivering data faster to improve customer experiences. However, few HFAs support the broad range of workloads businesses run or deliver the advanced capabilities required to keep IT operations running at maximum efficiency. With Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series, you no longer have to compromise

Best-in-Class Efficiency

VSP G series enables the seamless move to a flash-based data center with a broad range of efficiency technologies that deliver maximum value and more predictable ongoing costs. Adaptive data reduction services, including deduplication and compression, minimize storage footprint, enabling savings of 5:1 or greater. Combine these with our direct cloud connect functionality to transparently move file data to your choice of content repository or cloud service (Hitachi Content Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure). You gain unparalleled reduction in on-site storage costs and more predictable ongoing storage costs. All services are selectable and can be activated for specific workloads, giving you maximum control over efficiency and performance. VSP G series offers linked, writable snapshot clones. With linked clones, thousands — even millions — of copies of data sets are created very rapidly while using near-zero extra capacity. For highly virtualized environments, the ability to create a standard “gold image” that can be used across virtual machines and desktops not only saves money, but also reduces support and management costs

100% Data Availability, Guaranteed

Built on legendary Hitachi reliability, VSP G series offers complete system redundancy and is backed by the industry’s only 100% data availability guarantee. With nondisruptive updates, hot-swappable components and outstanding data protection, VSP G series is the best choice to ensure continuous hybrid flash storage operations. Advanced data replication software enables robust business-continuity solutions among multiple data centers. This includes active-active metro clustering with globalactive device. This feature is available across the VSP G series for both block and file workloads, to ensure continuous operations with nonstop data access. With global-active device, IT teams can meet their disaster recovery objectives with dramatically reduced return-to-operations time.

Unified Storage, Global Storage Virtualization

VSP G series supports both block and file workloads for greater consolidation and operational simplicity. File modules are designed with a hardware-accelerated architecture, using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) for high-performance file services. Individual file systems belong to a Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS, and each server has its own set of IP addresses, policies and individual port assignments. VSP G series also delivers global storage virtualization. Over 100 different array models can be used to extend VSP G series capacity. Manage it all from a single instance

Hybrid Flash Speed for More Workloads

Powered by Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), the VSP G series delivers up to 4.8 million IOPS of flash performance. Scalability is delivered through advanced, active-flash tiering that analyzes data streams in real time and moves data from disk to flash for rapid access by applications. This enhanced tiering allows organizations to meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) for performance with a cost-effective mix of flash and disk. To ensure consistent performance over time and prevent latency spikes that could be caused by other workloads on the Accelerate your business operations and deliver a better experience for customers. Superior flash performance and resiliency combine with direct cloud connect for unparalleled value. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G Series VSP G series, SVOS offers powerful quality of service (QoS) functionality. QoS is adaptive, activating when needed so that you get maximum leverage of system performance

Simple, Powerful Management

Set up VSP G series quickly and manage it at a glance using Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA). Designed for IT generalists, HSA uses an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and recommended configuration practices to reduce the time to complete provisioning tasks as well as any diagnostic operations. Powerful functionality comes bundled with the Foundation software package, which includes HSA, local replication, analytics, data mobility, nondisruptive migration and SVOS. The Advanced software package includes everything in the Foundation package plus remote replication, automation and global-active device, to support more demanding service level agreement

Optimized Virtualized Server Infrastructure

Hitachi Vantara offers plugins and adapters that enhance virtual server infrastructure performance and administrator productivity. SVOS integrates VMware and Microsoft Windows 2012 applications that offload storage-intensive tasks from hosts to increase virtual machine density, improve performance and reduce workload contention

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